This page and the project logo are under construction and will be finalised in summer 2014.


In April 2014, the IEE-funded project Market4RES will start investigating the potential evolution of the EU Target Model necessary to secure the European power system decarbonisation with large amounts of renewables.

The project aims to:

  • Contribute to an open and transparent debate on the potential evolution of the EU Target Model after 2020.
  •  Identify and recommend steps for the implementation of policy, legislation and regulation across the renewable energy sectors.
  • Identify and recommend concrete steps so relevant market actors can accept and adopt the main results of the project.

Interim results will be regularly uploaded to this website.

The consortium consists of leading European research institutes, system operators, and wind and solar industry. Contact: Daniel Huertas-Hernando (


Kick-off Consultation: Post 2020 framework in a liberalised electricity market with large share of Renewable Energy Sources 28 April 2014, Brussels (Belgium)

The main purpose of the Market4RES kick-off workshop was to:

  • Position the project within the context of EU discussions regarding the Implementation of the Internal Electricity Market today.
  • Present the ‘scope’ and ‘objectives’ of the project within this general discussion on the Internal Electricity Market and EU policy.
  • Present the project structure to main stakeholders.

The (closed) workshop was attended by the full consortium and Advisory Board members, as well as invited external stakeholders (35 participants).

You can read the workshop outcome.


Panel: “Implementation of the Internal Electricity Market & Climate – Energy Targets 2030: (How) Should the Target Model evolve post -2020?” (Moderator:Iván PINEDA, EWEA)

  • Keynote speech: “Delivering the internal electricity market and making the most of public intervention” (Oliver KOCH, Deputy Head of Unit B.2 Internal Market-Wholesale Electricity & Gas, European Commission, DG ENER)
  • Arthur JANSSEN (ENTSO-E)
  • Jérôme LE PAGE (EFET)
  •  Juan BOGAS (OMIE)
  • Martin POVH (ACER)
  • Frauke THIES (EPIA)
  • Oliver KOCH (DG ENER)