Expected project outputs: 

  • Recommendations to adapt the existing power market design for optimising RES-E integration up to 2020. These recommendations will be based on an overview of the opportunities, challenges and risks for RES deployment in an EU integrated market with full TM implementation;
  • Proposals for market mechanisms facilitating the EU-wide deployment of variable renewable electricity, including the most suitable features for electrivity markets able to aggregate flexible consumption with variable RES production for cross-border trading. These proposals will be tested with the numerical market design test platform OPTIMATE;
  • Proposals for incentivising market-based investments in power generation departing from nationally fragmented approaches in Member States towards a pan-European market-based approach. Additional mechanisms to the current market design directly or indirectly affecting the decisions made by market parties on their new and existing generation assets;
  • Proposals for the implementation of the recommended policy choices, legislation and regulation options across the energy sector and further provisions of non-technological recommendations in the post-2020 horizon.

The Market4RES project actively involves relevant players in the value chain to ensure that the project delivers recommendations from the main market players to decision makers.

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